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Congratulations! You are viewing this page which means you have successfully booked the Mendenhall Glacier Adventure Hiking tour! You are one step closer to making your Alaskan journey an experience to remember for a lifetime. Part of what makes a wonderful excursion is preparation. To help with that we have included some things we think are helpful to remember on our tours.

First, please share this webpage with all adults in your group. The url is:



Our insurance requires us to present you some legal verbiage that you and every person in your group agrees to. Please take the time to fill out our waiver. You can view it right now by clicking the orange button in the lower left hand corner of this webpage or clicking

Please share this webpage with everyone else in your group and make sure all adults have signed prior to the tour. Parents may sign for any minor children. If you have not signed the waiver when you arrive, not to worry, you can sign it when you arrive for your tour. However, doing it now means you get more time exploring with your guide!

No need to bring a printed copy of this waiver. We have it all stored electronically!



Juneau is located in the heart of Tongass Rainforest, which means that we get quite a bit of rain. While we provide a poncho, you may be more comfortable in something that fits you specifically. A rain jacket and rain pants is a good idea over an umbrella to keep your hands free.


Ponchos: champions of the rain.

In this area rain tends to come more in the form of consistent mist or light drops, however, it is sometimes windy on the mountain. Due to the rain, the trail can get muddy, so proper footwear is important. Alaskans love their Xtratufs (writing a successful dating profile), but cheaper rubber boots get the job done. The key to selecting good footwear for this excursion is comfort for tough hiking, water resistant/proof, durable, and easy to clean from mud.

A small water resistant pack is nice to carry your daily essentials such as water, food, camera, jackets, money and identification. We provide a small water resistant pack for you during the tour, but you may want one before and afterwards.  

We also provide you with our signature audio headset for hearing your guide perfectly. This stores nicely in your pack or around your neck on a lanyard in a water resistant pouch.



While we do provide some snacks to munch on, some people enjoy bringing along a sandwich or salads. Feel free to bring any lunch or snacks that you may have to complement what we provide. Just make sure it will fit well in your backpack.



Over the course of this excursion we will cover 4-7 miles by foot with a possible 1500 ft elevation gain if the group makes it to our final destination. We take regular stops for interpretation and assessment. There are portable toilets at the trailhead, but after that, there are only Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock… Black bears frequent this trail, especially during the salmon run. Our guides are trained to understand bear movements and act in an emergency situation. Should an emergency arise, our guides are trained in wilderness medicine and backcountry rescue.


Finding Your Tour

To find your tour, go to the south end of the Mt. Roberts tram station of the cruise ship terminal in downtown Juneau. To easily find the station, look for the cables going up Mt. Roberts and follow them down to the base. Look for an Adventure Flow dock rep wearing orange right near the ‘Dock C’ sign near some picnic tables. Go to the Dock C sign.

If you do not see a dock rep, your van may be in the parking lot and the driver will be standing outside it with a large Adventure Flow sign and also wearing orange. The bus pull through lot is between the tram station and Taku Smokeries.

This link shows you a 360 degree view where we meet: If you are driving you can find parking information here: If you learn your cruise ship is docking at AJ dock, this means you have a 1 mile walk or shuttle ride to reach the pickup location. Ships that usually (but not always) dock at AJ are the Explorer of the Sea, Celebrity Solstice, Disney, and Norwegian ships.

Please give yourself time. If you find yourself cutting it close, contact us by calling or texting 1-907-202-8889.

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