Lindsay is an art activist who utilizes ink to render invigorating life-size depictions of the life forms of our planet. Her work traverses the animal and human worlds, bringing the issues of both to the forefront, and allowing visibility into the connection that exists between everything on this planet and in the universe. Her goal is to communicate through images and community projects in a way that inspires action, provokes consciousness and responsibility, and empowers both the subjects and the viewers of her work.

Lindsay grew up in Wisconsin where the appreciation of nature and adventure became deeply engrained. Her move cross-country to Los Angeles opened many doors, beginning with her education at Pepperdine University and continuing through her numerous global journeys. She has collaborated with communities on public art projects from New York to Baja California and has participated in gallery shows throughout the United States. Art is a way for her to digest the bountiful information presented in this world and translate it into a medium that is passionate and powerful.