Juneau Trail Guide

Welcome to the Juneau Trail guide! This tool is to help you find your path to adventure and make your way to the wild side of Juneau, Alaska. With directions, history, and points of interest, the trail guide offers information to help you decide where to go. Whether you are a long time Juneau resident or stepping off a cruise ship,?your perfect trail awaits you.

Happy trails!

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Do you enjoy Juneau’s trail system? It isn’t great all by itself. Trail Mix, Inc, is a local non-profit who’s mission is to develop and maintain Juneau’s world-class trail system. Please consider becoming a member and making a tax deductible contribution to help keep our trails beautiful.

Downtown - Blackerby Ridge Trail

Downtown - Gold Creek Flume Trail

Downtown - Granite Creek Trail

Downtown - Mt. Juneau Trail

Downtown - Mt. Roberts Trail

Downtown - Perseverance Trail

Downtown - Point Bishop Trail

Downtown - Salmon Creek Trail

Downtown - Sheep Creek Trail

Douglas - Dan Moller Trail

Douglas - Fish Creek Trail

Douglas - Mt. Bradley (Jumbo)

Douglas - Rainforest Trail

Douglas - Treadwell Ditch Trail

Valley - Auke Lake Trail

Valley - East Glacier Trail

Valley - Mendenhall River Trail

Valley - Montana Creek Trail

Valley - Moraine Ecology Trail

Valley - Nugget Creek Trail

Valley - Nugget Falls

Valley - Powerline Trail

Valley - Spaulding Meadows Trail

Valley - Thunder Mountain

Valley - West Glacier M<br /> cGinnis

Eagle - Boy Scout Beach

Eagle - Eagle Glacier Trail

Eagle - Herbert Glacier

Eagle - Peterson Lake

Eagle - Windfall Lake Trail

Point Bridget Trail