Mendenhall River Trail

Juneau?s Easy Access Trail

The Tlingit name for the Mendenhall River trail means ?going back clearwater trail? and is one of the few that are wheelchair accessible. The trail is around 2 miles starting from Brotherhood Bridge and connects up with the Montana Creek trail. There are access areas by Thunder Mountain High School and several other unmaintained access trails.

One of Juneau?s must stop fireweed photo spots in the spring and summer with an open field fading into the Mendenhall Glacier and towers in the background. This postcard perfect spot can get packed during the day, but early morning light makes this view a spectacular way to start your day.

The paved path runs along the river and into the forest before moving away from the river. There are many little unpaved side trails along the path that skirt closer to the river for fishing access.

The river trail is very popular since it runs along the spine of the valley which is the majority of Juneau?s population. Tourists often don?t venture any further than the trailhead at Brotherhood Bridge which makes it a prime location to meet up with friends. Depending on the snow year, the trail provides excellent cross-country ski conditions for an easy lunch outing.

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Trailhead Location