Blackerby Ridge Trail

Juneau?s Glacial Ski View

Really less of a trail than a route due to snow cover most of the year, those with a little route-finding experience can be rewarded with a view from the ridge prime for nights of Northern lights and views of the Mendenhall Glacier during the daylight. The trail starts out on Greenwood Ave just before the hospital, or can be reached from the Thunder Mountain trailhead. While the official trail is 3.5 miles ending at Cairn Peak, many people continue along the ridge which can be looped around to Nugget Creek Trail.

The trail starts out moderate but quickly increases in grade with no switchbacks through Southeast Alaska?s typical wet mossy vegetation and mud. A thin Hemlock forest gives way to low alpine vegetation where the trail mostly disappears.

During the winter much of the ascent is within avalanche danger, take care to check forecasts and bring appropriate safety equipment.

Trailhead Location