Perseverance Trail

Juneau’s Downtown Escape

Perseverance is by far Juneau?s most popular downtown local trail. With connections to the Flume trail, Granite Creek, Silver Bow Ruins, Gold Falls, The Glory Hole, Red Mill, Mt. Juneau, and Mt. Roberts it is no wonder. From thick forest to raw high steep valley walls down to Gold Creek, Persy, as the locals say, is a highly stimulating trail just steps from the edge of town.

Basin Creek road can be taken up to the main trail head, but is also an enjoyable start to the whole trail system. Persy was the first road in Alaska and was built following a Tlingit goat hunting path and used to reach the main mining basin. The old road has been made into a well maintained wide path for the first couple miles before turning into a single track along sections that run along the cliff next to the creek and opens up again for the last mile for so.

This trail is open for pedestrians and mountain bikers who both frequently use the trail so please be courteous and follow the signs so everyone can continue to use this incredible trail. It is often used through the winter to reach prime slope ski spots for everything from hill play to crazy. With more fat tire bikes around, expect to see more bike traffic through the winter as well.

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Trailhead Location