Boy Scout Beach

Juneau?s Best Sunset Beach

While in plain view from Eagle Beach State Park, Boy Scout Beach remains one of Juneau?s best kept secrets. The open sandy delta can open up as much as a quarter mile at low tides making for a beautiful exploration into the sunset. Make sure to check your tide charts before you camp, high tides can often cover the entire beach! However, with a little bit of planning, this can be a wondrous place to wake up to the sound of eagles in the morning.

This little secret can be found at mile 25 where there is a road off Glacier Highway. A few private roads branch off of it in the woods, but stay to the right and the road will dead end in a small cul de sac. The trail follows the Herbert River through the woods and out into a meadow where the trail can often be under water during heavy rain or extreme high tides. Other than being under water the trail is a fairly easy and flat 1.5 miles.

Often the gathering for solstice where one can see the sun set and rise from one spot in a spectacular play of the mountains. Both the Chilkat and Coastal range are visible from the beach along the Lynn Canal. Seals, sea lions, porpoise, and whales are common in the area especially around salmon run.

This trail is maintained by the Boy Scouts, so please be courteous and do not enter their camp. The trail is clearly marked at the junction and along the beach.

Lindsay does’t mind at all when confronted by a rising tide on Boy Scout Beach in Juneau, Alaska. She paints a wonderful piece of this coastline paradise.

Disclaimer: Path coordinates may not be 100% accurate.

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