Gold Creek Flume Trail

Juneau’s Most Finely Craft Trail

This trail is a beautifully constructed platform to the old flume at the mouth of the perseverance valley. Today a trail is built from the dam that provides a large portion of Juneau?s water, around the hillside to the pump house and into the neighborhood above the Juneau-Douglas High School.

There is access to the trail from Cope Park, Basin Road, or the end of Evergreen Avenue. This short, but gorgeous trail makes for a wonderful lunch time outing. With waterfalls trickling down to Gold Creek, and lush young vegetation reaching toward the railings, this trail is a breath of fresh air.

While downtown can often get fairly windy and rainy, the Flume trail offers protection from the wind and rain. The thick deciduous growth makes for brilliant greens in the spring and beautiful colors in the autumn. The flume is naturally very flat and great for all skill levels, but generally gets too covered in snow during the winter to be enjoyable.

Black bears are quite common in the area but aren?t often seen on the trail. Porcupines on the other hand are often climbing around the posts and overhanging trees. In the spring the flume is a wonderful place to hear songbirds and spot nesters. Dogs are allowed, but are required to be on a leash.

Disclaimer: Path coordinates may not be 100% accurate.