Salmon Creek Trail

Juneau’s Power Source

This trail starts with a steep incline before flattening out for the first 2.5 miles before taking a sharp turn upward to gain over 1000 feet in the last mile. The road portion offers a smooth easy path for dog walkers a cyclists. It is a nice path for groups and conversations since it is wide enough for 3 or 4 people to walk side by side. Once the trail turns off the road on the left it becomes a single track often with a steep drop off. A mix of switchbacks on rough trail and well constructed stairs marks this path up to the reservoir. The mountains around the dam make for an impressive view to enjoy your accomplishment, and the view back over the valley is mystical on a cloudy day.

Access is off?Egan drive just across from the Juneau Empire. The parking area is small and there are several no parking areas, so make sure you are not blocking any gates or access points for the CBJ water supply. The beginning trail is a road access that is broad and easy going. After the last climb and push up to the reservoir trail users can revel in their accomplishment with a beautiful view across the reflections.

The Dam supplies a small portion to the electrical grid and also provide the city with a large portion of its drinking water. A marvel of engineering of the time, it was the first constant angle arch variable radius dam in the world. Originally built to support the mining in the area in 1914, the dam has since been retrofitted with a new powerhouse.

Fishing is the most popular recreation in the reservoir itself, due to the difficult climb, most people choose to fish from shore, however, for the bold, inflatables can expand your area. Camping is not allowed due to past contamination issues. There are several trails that branch off toward the ridge for the avid path finder. Some areas are off limits, but are well marked.