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Important: Waivers

Our insurance requires us to present you some legal verbiage that you and every person in your group agrees to.?Please take the time to fill out our waiver.?

You can also click the orange tab in lower-left corner of your screen to start the waiver process.

Please share this with everyone else in your group and make sure all adults have signed prior to the tour. Parents may sign for any minor children. If you have not signed the waiver when you arrive, not to worry, you can sign it when you arrive for your tour. However, doing it now means you get more time exploring with your guide! No need to bring a printed copy of this waiver. We have it all stored electronically!?


Finding your tour

Because this is a private tour, we can be more flexible in where we pick you up. If you are on a cruise ship, the location we pick you up is near the Mt. Roberts Tram Station bus pull through lot. 

To find your tour, go to the south end of the Mt. Roberts tram station of the cruise ship terminal in downtown Juneau. To easily find the station, look for the cables going up Mt. Roberts and follow them down to the base. Walk beneath those cables at the base. This is the easiest location to spot your bus pickup. In the bus pull through lot, look for a black mini-bus. Your guide/driver may be standing outside the vehicle holding an Adventure Flow sign and wearing an orange jacket/shirt. You can approach the vehicle once you see it. 
To clarify, the bus pull through lot is between the tram station and Taku Smokeries. 
If your pickup is elsewhere, please verify it is in the ‘Special Instructions’ section of your booking. We provide pickup at the hotels and B&B’s by request.
About AJ Dock: Some ships dock about a mile away from the main cruise ship terminal. This area is called AJ dock. Because we don’t work directly with the cruise ships, we can’t pickup at this location. The pickup location is the same as mentioned above. Most cruise ships have a shuttle you can take over to Mt. Robert’s tram area. Or you can walk the one mile. Unfortunately, you usually won’t know what dock you are at until you arrive. We often have more dock information and will contact you if we see potential timing issues.

Your pickup bus won’t arrive until close to your start time. Typically 5 minutes early. If you are looking and the start time is more than 5 minutes away, don’t be alarmed if you do not see anyone. Always feel free to call/text if you have any questions or concerns (907-202-8889).

This link shows you a 360 degree view of the typical cruise terminal pickup: If you are driving you can find parking information here:


Meeting location for most cruise ships

Pickup at Mt. Roberts Tram

Meeting location for most cruise ship passengers in front of Mt. Roberts Tram

AJ Dock

Cruise ships at AJ Dock will have different pickup instructions that have you walk a little ways up the street.

Meeting location for cruise ships passengers beneath tram lines of Mt. Roberts tram.

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What to bring

Juneau is located in the heart of Tongass Rainforest, which means that we get quite a bit of rain. While we offer a rain?poncho, you may be more comfortable in something that fits you specifically.?

Rain gear and footwear
A rain jacket and rain pants are?a good idea over an umbrella to keep your hands free. In this area rain tends to come more in the form of consistent mist or light drops, however, it is sometimes windy on the mountain. Due to the rain, the trail can get muddy, so proper footwear is important. Alaskans love their Xtratufs (, but anything that has good traction and preferably water resistant/proof will get the job done.?
Water bottle
We do offer disposable water bottles, however, we encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottle.?

We provide a?small water-resistant pack to carry your daily essentials such as water, camera, jackets, etc, but you are welcome to use your own if you like.?


We take safety seriously and safety demands change based on activity. Nugget Falls and Trail of Time covers close to 4 miles by foot with a 100 feet of elevation gain and loss.

There are restrooms at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center, but we encourage using the toilet before you board the bus so there is more time on the trail. Because this is a private tour, we are flexible how we proceed with activities. We encourage your group to let your guide know your thoughts and concerns so they may accommodate them.

Black bears frequent the trails, especially during the salmon run from July through September. Our guides are trained to understand bear movements and act in an emergency situation. Should an emergency arise, our guides are trained in first aid.?


Order lunch/dinner

We have a special food option exclusively for private tours.?
Each meal is $7 each. If anyone in your group is a big eater you can easily order multiple. ?
To review the menu and submit an order, go to our online menu:?
Please make sure you have your order submitted at least 3 days prior to your tour.?
We also welcome you to bring your own food on the tour.
Special note: as mentioned below, there is no food allowed on the trails. Food will be left on the bus and enjoyed when we return from the trail.


If you arrive and are uncertain, please contact us by calling or texting 1-907-202-8889. Or email us at

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