Lindsay Carron grew up in Wisconsin where her young curious mind drew her into the natural world. She learned a deep appreciation of nature and its inhabitants by gathering specimens of the land and replicating them in her sketchbook. From these small forays and backyard haunts, adventure became deeply engrained in her mindset. Her move cross-country to Los Angeles opened many doors, beginning with her education at Pepperdine University and continuing through her numerous global journeys. She has collaborated with communities on public art projects from New York to Baja California and has participated in gallery shows throughout the United States. Art is a way for her to digest the bountiful information presented in this world and translate it into a medium that is passionate and



With red light from a piece of her work warming her painted face, Lindsay Carron takes a brief pause from her work during a live painting session.

Lindsay Carron takes a pause from a live painting session.

Lindsay is an art activist who utilizes ink to render invigorating life-size depictions of the life forms of our planet. Her?work?traverses the animal and human worlds, bringing the issues of both to the forefront, and allowing visibility into the connection?that exists between everything on this planet and in the universe. Her goal is to communicate through images and community projects in a way that inspires action, provokes consciousness and responsibility, and empowers both the subjects and the viewers of her work.

My art is a call to action. How to live most beautifully and gracefully and in balance with everything around us on this planet.?



We are?ecstatic?to have Lindsay on the Adventure Flow team! We asked her a couple questions about the adventure ahead. Read?what she says?below.

Lindsay Carron sits on the ground finishing up a mural she painted with team In Relation in a Maasai village in Kenya that reads: "To see the world, you must open your eyes."

Lindsay Carron adds the finishing touches to a mural she painted with team In Relation in a Maasai village in Kenya. ?To see the world, you must open your eyes.?


With Lindsay Carron

Q? What do you view most challenging in your work?

A ?My artwork style is tedious and exact, leaving very little room for mistakes. ?Surprisingly, I do not find this the most challenging part. ?I have created a meditation process around the time consuming practice of art creation that I quite enjoy. ?Rather, the most challenging part for me is resisting the urge to share my work upon its completion. ?I am learning how important it is to create a foundation that will receive the artwork in the best way possible. ?Essentially, it?s building the nest before laying the eggs.

Q? Why are you interested in guiding for Adventure Flow?

A??The combination of adventure, nature, animals, human

Lindsay Carron stands within a Kenyen inspired artwork with Zebras and a Giraffe on the edges of a circular pattern that she painted in collaboration with fellow artist Ngene Mwaura.

Lindsay photographed within her two-story tall Kenyan inspired mural, a collaboration with fellow artist Ngene Mwaura.

interaction, and art is what fuels my life every day. ?Assuming the position as a guide for Adventure Flow is a beautiful transition into a role that I am already quite familiar with, simply in a totally new territory. ?I am thrilled to push my boundaries into the Last Frontier and experience the immense awe that the land will bring, and to inspire the consciousness around beauty in everyone who joins the tours.

Q? How would you describe the experience you want your guests to take away from your tours?

A??I would like guests of Adventure Flow to experience a tour unlike anything else they will encounter on their travels. ?This means an experience that will stick and settle deep down into the bones. ?Guiding guests out into the wilderness and experiencing the surroundings through art will be monumental in itself, but with having a deeper and broader understanding of how this can impact a person will make the tour unforgettable and very moving. ?I would like guests to experience all sides of the spectrum of being in nature: the beautiful and the grotesque, the wild and the conserved, the active and the still. ?Slowing them down through paint strokes is a perfect time to let this all settle in.

Q? How does your connection to nature influence your art?

A??The guiding force behind everything I create is: I am you. ?You are me. ?We are one. ?We so often draw lines of separation between each other and ourselves and nature. ?I am continuously blurring those lines and bringing viewers back home: to the wild self. ?The images that are present in my creations are symbols of the Universe as a whole, and as a creator, I am constantly bridge-walking between the seen and the unseen. ?My artwork has moved me into spaces of activism and consciousness, and I often take up a role as an art activist, spreading messages of harmony and balance within all beings.

Q? Why are you drawn to Juneau?

A??The North has been calling me for a while now. ?I grew up in Wisconsin, and there was magic in the first snow, in the crisp air, in the changing of the seasons. ?My life is in Los Angeles now, and though there is magnificence here too, I feel a deep longing for the landscape of the North. ?Most of my travels have been to lands of the South, South America being the most prevalent. ?It?s time to explore the other side of the equator and to gain perspective on my life here in California.

Lindsay Carron showcasing her heartwarming smile.

Lindsay Carron showcasing her heartwarming smile.

Q? How would you describe your art?

A??My art is intricate, layered, deep. ?Each line is a prayer calling to the spirit of what is being created. ?My art is bigger than self. ?It traverses landscapes and time. ?It is a bridge between worlds and an expanded perspective. ?Through my art, my soul dances.

Q? What do you want to bring to the Community of Juneau?

A??A little bit of fire, deep inside a wide open bowl of receptivity, ready to absorb the knowledge that is held in the land and the people of Alaska.

We are happy to present?you this fun?interview showcasing Lindsay’s?artistic?philosophy?as well as commentary on her Juneau inspiration piece featured at the top. Enjoy!


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