Refund & Cancellation Policy

Adventure Flow, LLC will acknowledge the cancellation of excursions, tours, and other services and/or products with a fair and reasonable monetary refund.

We believe we are responsible in our commitments to customers. When a customer initiates action with registration or reservation, we commit to preparation and delivery of excursions, activities, events, products, and/or services.


Payment Conditions

Payment for adventures, activities, products, and/or services is due, in part or in full, upon registration/reservation. Participants will be billed for contracts upon booking and service delivery.

Most excursions and tours require a full payment to guarantee a reservation.


Cancellation Fees

1 week – Guaranteed Refund

Let’s keep it simple. If you cancel your day tour 1 week prior to the tour, we refund you 100%, no questions asked…Ok we may ask why, but you will always get the refund.

If you cancel with less than 1 week of the tour date for any reason, we’ll always refund you 50%.

If you cancel with 24 hours or less prior to the tour, unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. This is because it is impossible for us to sell that tour to anyone else. 

3rd Party Resellers

If you book with a 3rd party reseller, this refund policy is not applicable. You are required to follow the refund policy of the reseller you purchased through. 


Refund Conditions

You’ll receive a refund up to the amount you paid if Adventure Flow cancels your tour. This is usually due to weather or safety concerns. You will receive a full refund if you miss the tour due certain conditions outside your control. These include your cruise ship arriving late or an unexpected medical condition (we may request proof). Otherwise, you may request a refund that falls into the cancellation policy above.

Adventure Flow is not liable for other costs such as travel, lodging, or other 3rd party costs in the event of a cancellation.