Much of what calls us to travel is the experiencing of the new, the unfamiliar.? We wish to be taken off into far and distance lands of our unknowing.? This can easily become a blur when we finally land back at home.? What on earth did we really just experience?? Here, Adventure Flow art guide, Lindsay Carron, experiments with how relating travel experiences with daily life consciousness can bring about a lasting and deep memory of the adventure.? Read on as she unravels in an extraordinary place: Juneau, Alaska.

Being in Alaska is like being in a vortex. All I can think about is the beauty and magnificence of the land. All I want to do is traverse it, be deep in it. Everything else has less meaning, less importance. Like the porcupine slowly making its way up the tree, less urgency. I had been longing for the traffic to stop, the intense energy of the ?do mind? to quiet. I had been longing for the focus that comes when removed, when set on a different route, when dancing to an?unfamiliar tune. I have landed.

There is a deep stillness here. Humanity seems to nestle down a little cozier as the wilderness rises majestically around them. But there is an intensity to the energy here too. It is in the heartbeat of the Grandmother through the leaves and pines. It is in the echoing vibration of the whales in the sea. It is in the glistening of the snow on mountain peaks. But more than anywhere, it is in the rushing waters underneath the glacier ice.

Melting, churning, aching, cracking, drifting, accumulating and releasing: the glaciers are steadfast and ancient yet fluid and always changing. They serve as a reminder of the ever-evolving life within, the Spirit that rushes through the veins of every living being, and how this fluidity, this letting go, allows it all to BE, as perfectly as it IS, no matter the time.

So as I navigate this last frontier, I honor the glacier?s teachings. I aim to be steadfast and strong in heart and courage, like the warriors of the Tlingit who fought fiercely for what meant the most, while holding age old communities with persevering heart and conscious balance. And I aim to be fluid and evolving, embracing the deep beauty of this place along with the challenges and tasks that were granted to me.

May these new waters cut away the ice of old, nourishing and cleansing, as I move forward diligently with purpose and poise. Now is the time, and I am HERE.

Excerpt from: Writings From Juneau, Lindsay Carron May 6th, 2015