Run Tongass Wild

Feel the Trail Beneath Your Feet, Mist in Your Face, and the Flow of the Rainforest

Intensity Level

Out of 10


If you run because you love exploring new places, this excursion is for you.

We call this a 8 and advanced, but if you call yourself a runner, this excursion is more enjoyable than difficult. We run and hike between 5 to 6?miles to glacial vistas, gorgeous basins, and on trails through the rain forest. We adjust pace as needed, however, we do suggest your average time?back home is less than 11 minutes per mile.

Spots are limited and only available online

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For 3.5 hours we go deep into the Tongass National Forest exploring trails and vistas not seen by many travelers.

One word to describe this: Epic! It’s an epic adventure.

Weisman Family

Run Tongass Wild

Feel the Trail Beneath Your Feet, Mist in Your Face, and the Flow of the Rainforest

Whether you are just looking for some time on the trail, a little time away from the crowd, or inspiration to reach your full potential, we are here to take you through the rainforest to the best glacial vistas in town.

We will prep you for obstacles on the trails along with information about the surroundings. The rich natural history of Southeast Alaska,?with?wonders near every step of?the trail, have captured peoples imaginations for thousands of years. Around each?corner these trails contain surprises and excitement ranging from the ancient forces that formed this area, to the hardy plants that transformed it, to the powerful animals that call it home today.

During this time on the trail, we will help you find your flow and hone your focus to reach your highest?potential and lose track of time. As the rain comes down and you feel the steam rise, you may discover?what we find so amazing about these trails and why?we run them every chance we get.

View from Mt. Roberts facing Gastineau Channel.
Eric, an Adventure Flow guide, runs down a trail on Mt. Jumbo.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ever go on a tour with a satisfaction guaranteed policy? You will with us. If you go on the tour and decide it wasn?t for you, ask for a refund and we?ll give it to you.

We are here to take you out into some of Juneau?s 300 miles of pristine wild trails


We meet at our pick up location?where our small group will begin to get to know each other’s aspirations, goals, and experience. As we leave?the dock on raven the adventure bus your guide will begin by preparing you for the trail. Whether it is rain or shine they will help you mentally prepare for the trail ahead while teaching you a little about Juneau, Alaska.


The trail presents a myriad of challenges that you may not be familiar with, but we are with you every step of the way to encourage, motivate, and enhance your skills as a trail runner. Upon arriving at the trail head, your guide will begin to point out some of the many things that make this area incredible. The plethora of wildlife, views, and challenges along the trail make for an incredible immersion into the last frontier and we capture your excitement and energy while you enjoy the run.

The Goal

Moving along the trail through the woods provides a powerful vector for focus. As your heart is pounding and your mind is racing and the only thing in your focus is reaching for the glacier vista, we strive to help you with every aspect of your run to meet your optimal experience. At the turn around we take some time to enjoy what you have accomplished and some photos for evidence.


Lungs spent, muddy feet, and body pulsing, the run comes to an end and we relax our muscles. On our way back to your ship we review the run by photos from the day while we replenish with some food and fluids. This makes for a powerful time to learn and share stories while the runners high is still coursing through us and the goals we strive for are hot in our minds. This is a great time to learn from others and swap contacts because you may just have found a new running buddy to keep you motivated from across the globe! Finally, we return to the cruise terminal with plenty of time to continue exploring Juneau.

Essential Gear

Whether the sun shines or the rain falls, we have you covered with the gear necessary to take on the elements of your excursion. You bring your shoes and warm layered clothing, we?ll handle everything else.

Photo Memories

It’s nice to have photos with you in the picture. While you to snap amazing Alaskan photos, your guide shoots along with you. After your excursion, all photos are available online to download absolutely?FREE!

Energy Food

We provide high quality energy food. Keep your mind and body fueled to have the optimal experience.

Gear we provide:

  • Small running?pack
  • Headset (Bone conducting to hear the guide clearly and your surroundings)
  • Rain poncho (if desired)

Gear we don’t provide:

  • Rain jacket. We suggest bringing rain gear that fits. This will be much more comfortable than a rain poncho. Although the poncho is?surprisingly comfortable.

Essential nourishment we provide:

  • Fruit?leather
  • Energy Bars (eg. Clif Bar & Power Bar)
  • Trail Mix
  • Wild Alaskan salmon spread and cracker

And of course plenty of water!

Spots are limited and only available online

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The Adventure Hiking tour is under permit with the Tongass National Forest.
Adventure Flow?is an equal opportunity service provider.