Historical Downtown Walking Tour

  • John – OhioJohn – OhioTripAdvisor

    John-Testimonial-Walking-1This tour is smaller and more personal than many other similar tours when one is based on a cruise ship. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about Juneau through a pleasant walking tour. Read more.

  • If you want an exceptional [walking] tour this is it. Patrick was friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating, answered all of our questions, and lead the tour at a comfortable pace. Walking allows you to pause, take pictures, mingle with locals and feel a personal connection with Juneau. We sort of felt sorry for the people on the bus tours that zipped by us attempting to get a blurred camera shot out the window. In addition we saw many places the standard tours do not visit at all. Then there is the bonus of having Patrick take pictures during the entire tour and emailing them to us as a gift. Imagine what the cruise line would charge for those. Read more.

  • Daniel-Testimonial-Walking-2Really well organized. Patrick is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide. The wireless headphones let you pause to look at the things that interest you without losing track of the commentary. Read more.

  • Meridith – JuneauMeridith – JuneauTripAdvisor

    I went on a walking tour of downtown Juneau, the city I've called home for over 10 years. I learned a lot of history I'd never known and it was fun to see my town with new eyes. Our guide Eric was awesome, laid back, friendly, approachable, and highly knowledgeable. Read More.

  • Patricia – GeorgiaPatricia – GeorgiaTripAdvisor

    Patricia-Walking-Testimonial-2One of the best walking tours I have ever taken. Eric was the consummate guide. We were provided with backpacks, water, and snacks along with high tech earphones so that we could all hear Eric as we walked along the tour. My husband has hearing aids and this is the first time he has been able to hear the tour guide! Read more.

  • Caitlin – New JerseyCaitlin – New JerseyTripAdvisor

    Cait-Testimonial-Walking-2Let me just start by saying our guide, Eric, was so fun and informative. Anyone can walk around a city and talk about it's general history, but Eric went further and took us on an adventure with quirky stories that make Juneau unique. Read more.


  • Relaxing walk through the historic streets of downtown Juneau
  • Learn the stories that make Juneau incredible
  • Hear about Alaskan life and culture
  • Approximately 1.25 scenic miles (2 km) through areas few visitors see
  • Small group size – maximum of 10
  • Free professional photos captured of you by your guide
  • Specialized headset that let’s you hear?your guide no matter where you are

Your thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, and that is why we stocked this tour extra full of all?the little nuggets of history between the nooks and crannies that make up the wonderful capital city of Alaska. This isn’t a monotone?list of facts being spewed at you from a script, but rather a dynamic walking encyclopedia. Through powerful, eloquent and often funny short stories your guide will weave a literary fabric to wrap yourself in under the cool summer rain. Every corner holds bits of history, and you will find a bit of what life is like in the last frontier.

On your journey?around town we will point out many of the little stories that make life here unique, along with the grander story of time. Whether it is a bear walking into the bar, collapsing mines, or the town vying to keep its capital there is plenty to interest anyone. Walking deeper into town than most visitors you will experience some of the hidden treasures within these city streets beyond what meets the eye. This excursion will leave you with a greater appreciation for Juneau and Southeast Alaska from the inside out. And, like any great day in Juneau, it ends with a flight of great beer from Alaska!

See the full tour story at the bottom of this page.


  • Bottled water
  • Headset for hearing guide
  • Alaskan beer tasting or soft drink
  • A special artistic souvenir you won’t find in any gift shop


  • Rain gear

Difficulty: 2?out 5 – Easy for most


  • 1.25 miles (2 km) of relaxed walking
  • Some moderate hills
  • No minimum age, however, parents please feel confident your child can walk or be carried the full distance
  • Likely to rain

Approximate Duration: 2?hours ??Daily departures usually at 11 AM and 2:30 PM. Except Monday which is a 12 PM and 3 PM departure.

  • 15 minutes at meetup?location getting everyone setup with headsets and waivers signed (do ahead of time if possible)
  • 1 hours 30 minutes walking the streets of Juneau
  • 15 minutes relaxing at an authentic Alaskan bar telling Alaskan stories and enjoying a beer tasting with your Alaskan guide. The?tour ends here so keep on enjoying your beer as long as you please.

Where do we walk?

We walk?the city streets of downtown Juneau. We start at the cruise ship terminal and make our way up into the residential areas of Juneau. We do go into some buildings depending on if they are open. The tour ends at the Alaskan Hotel and Bar.

How difficult is the walk?

The walk is not difficult for most. If you are able to walk 2 miles at home then you will be great here. We take it quite slow and stop often for breaks and stories. There are moderate hills that we climb.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

Yes! We can take paths that are fully wheelchair accessible. However, there are hills to climb which make electric wheelchairs easier to handle.

What wildlife will I see?

This is not a wildlife tour and wildlife is wild for a reason, so we do not guarantee any sightings. We do often see ravens and occasionally bald eagles.

Will I see a bear?

Black bears do?come into the downtown location, but rarely during the day time. It is possible we come across a bear, but very unlikely for such a thing to happen.

Can I bring my own backpack and snacks?

Yes!?We encourage you to bring a small backpack, snacks, and water bottle. We do provide you with a bottled water should you want it, but otherwise you need to bring any other walking supplies you feel you may need.

What is the weather like?

Temperatures range in the summer from mid 40’s to mid 60?F typically. Juneau rains on average 62 inches per year with more rain coming in the later summer compared to spring and early summer. Prepare for cool weather and rain. If it is nice out then you can easily strip down to fewer layers.

Does my cell phone work in Juneau?

Maybe. AT&T and Verizon are the only two providers who support Juneau. Neither Sprint or T-Mobile users will have service here unless they are roaming.

Do you meet?guests at the cruise ship docks?

Yes! Our primary meetup?location is at the cruise ship terminal (CT dock, or Dock C). This is right next to the Mt. Roberts Tramway. It is a 5 minute walk from the Alaska Steamship dock and Franklin dock. Those who are dropped off at AJ dock are recommended to allow extra time to take the short shuttle ride that leaves you at the meetup location, CT dock. You will be provided detailed pickup instructions upon booking.

Do you pickup guests staying at a hotel?

No. This tour does not have a support vehicle so we are unable to pickup individuals for the tour.

Where do?you end the tour?

We end the tour at the Alaskan Hotel and Bar in downtown Juneau. You are free to leave and continue shopping or return back to your ship. It is around a 10 minute walk back to the starting location on the cruise ship docks.

What are these free photos you offer?

We believe you should stay focused on the nature and beauty of Alaska and not have to worry about taking photos. We want to keep you in the present moment.?Your guide is a talented?photographer, naturalist, historian, and all around good human being. Sticking with the photography part, your guide takes photos throughout your entire time on the tour. We have been on these streets many times so we know where to get the best angles for your perfect Instagram post, Facebook update, or for hanging in your hallway at home. A couple days after your tour, we email you a web link where you can view and download all of the photos we shot. They are yours to use however you wish at no additional cost.

Why do I need a headset on the tour?

This is how most non-Adventure Flow hiking tours work: walk on sidewalk; group?spreads apart; guide waits for everyone to come together; guide gives a few minute spiel; repeat. We do it different. We want you fully engaged with your guide throughout the whole tour and hearing your guide is difficult if they are 50 feet ahead and 4 other people are in-between. Using our specialized headset, you can hear the guides stories, jokes, and fun facts from wherever you are on the path! This also let’s the guide become more conversational with the group because there?is far more time for interpretation of the beautiful scenery. And don’t worry about missing out on the wonderful?sounds of nature either. The headsets are bone-conducting and sit outside the ear. This leaves your ear canal wide open for hearing the rest of the world. And if you get tired of listening to your guide, you can always turn him off :-)?Everyone wins!

What type of clothing should I wear?

This depends on the weather. We recommend wearing 2 layers plus a waterproof jacket. This could be a t-shirt, long-sleeve base layer, and rain jacket. Avoid cotton! Materials such as polyester, nylon, wool, or other wicking material that do not retain moisture are best. These material suggestions go for pants too. Consider wearing rain pants should conditions call for it. We do provide a durable waterproof rain poncho, however, having your own well fitting clothing is more comfortable.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! If you are a large group, you can purchase 7 adult tickets and bring up to 10 people for the same price. This comes out to $343 ($49 * 7). Call to book.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes! If you go with the large group discount mentioned above, you may have a private tour for $343?($49 * 7). You can bring up to 10 people. Pending availability. To combine this tour with other activities, we require the typical private tour flat rate of $130 per hour, minimum of 4 hours. See our private tour page or call to book.

What is your refund policy??

See our refund policy by clicking here.

What if the tour is late returning and I miss my cruise ship?

No cruise passenger has ever missed their ship when on our tours. We guarantee you will make it back for yours. We never stray to far from the cruise ship terminal. If you need to leave the tour early in order to make a departure, please let your guide know and you are free to leave the tour as needed. Please feel free to contact us ahead of time to verify scheduling of the tour and cruise ship departure.

What if my ship is delayed getting into port?

Please notify us ASAP if you know your ship going to be late. Contact numbers are listed in your booking details which you can call or text. We will rearrange the schedule if possible to accommodate your changed arrival time. If we are unable to change the schedule or get you on a different tour, you will be fully refunded the cost of your ticket.

What if I miss my tour?

If you miss your tour for reasons within your control, our refund policy allows to still refund you 50% per your request. We think this is a pretty sweet deal! Only applies if you book directly with us and not a 3rd party re-seller. Tickets purchased through a re-seller forfeit the entire cost of the tour.

What if my tour is cancelled by Adventure Flow due weather or other reason?

If Adventure Flow cancels your tour, we will refund you 100% the cost of your ticket.

Do I need to print my ticket?

We recommend printing the email confirmation we send you because it has detailed instructions for your tour. However, we store your booking information in our database and we will not ask you for any ticket.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ever go on a tour with a satisfaction guaranteed policy? You will with us. If you go on the tour and decide it wasn?t for you, ask for a refund and we?ll give it to you.

?On average, over 7,000 new visitors enter Juneau everyday in the summer. Each tour departure?has only 10 spots available! Don?t hesitate to book your spot.


From the dock, we are ready to embark on the story of Juneau with you. As with any great history, it is made up of many small stories, and some of those stories are from you. We get to know your story?as everyone collects and gets to know each other. Now we set out to start our own story for the day.



Dive into the rich history of Juneau, from the Tlingit settlement, to the gold rush, and into the capital of the last frontier. Our downtown packs a lot into a small space and as we make our way up the hill you will get up close with the little things that make this place unique. From missionaries to miners, fishermen to politicians, explorers to tourists Juneau has had a diverse development that continues to shape it today. Along with its fair amount of conflicts and scandals, we walk you through what life is like in the capital city.



As we explore the streets, weaving together the story of what makes this town extraordinary. For the Native Tlingit and Haida, storytelling played a vital role in their history and continues to play an important role in their culture today. The miners were no different with their love of lore, and we all know that the politicians love to talk. We believe that storytelling can be a powerful part of everyday life that often escapes us in our daily hustle which is why we enjoy this walking pace rather than the popular drive through. We will stroll through the streets and soak up every bit of history Juneau has to offer. Save the hustle for home.


Finally, as the stroll comes to an end, kick back and relax at the Alaskan Bar and Hotel. Sip on a Alaskan beer flight while listening to your Alaskan guide and their tales. With so much fun and eerie history surrounding this place, you won’t want to leave. Nevertheless, it is here we leave you to explore the rest of Juneau and complete your journey with a walk around the shops or back to your ship or hotel.